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About Yo Tu Coach

My name is Nathalie. I started this project in tribute to one special person: My aunt Esther, who died in August 2016. She is the girl who appears on the photography. She was a modern woman, a figther, and launched her own business. She never gave her fight up in order to become who she wanted to be.  She was misunderstood, being a single woman was not considered right during those years.

Nevertheless, she set up a hairdresser in Barcelona. She comercialized clothes and accessories too. She inspired me and gave me the courage to start this project with my husband.

This project was borned with the aim of giving a customed attention to people who don’t know how to choose their style. We want you to love yourself. It is essential to love who you are inside and outside. In fact, it is the right way to happiness.

It is not about buying, but having a good attention. Custom service is one of our major assets.

We wanted to open a store with special gadgets. We want you to feel unique, that is why we work with worldwide providers in order to offer clothes adapted to your needs.

I invite you to discover our new website and check our products on the online store. You can contact us to ask any question you want. Moreover, you have the opportunity of booking a personal appointment and experienc our custom attention in our Boutique in Azoz.

Thank you for your time,

See you soon!

Made with love